The Ultimate Power of TripAdvisor

imageWhere on earth did this come from? I’m sure if I looked into it, I could find the origins of TripAdvisor, yet it seems we have always had it, and now it is so powerful. Unless you’re a high street restaurant, Pizza Express, Nandos, Cafe Rouge etc , it is your lifeblood. In a recession, people want to make their money work harder, and if they have limited time, during the week, it’s a chance to enjoy quality time with friends and family. When my wife and I are able to eat out together, once a month, sometimes Less often, we are no exception. It’s time away from work, responsibilities and a chance to truly relax and have the best meal you can at the time. Tripadvisor is a must in the quest to get it right first time with your food. If you’re paying an extra £20-£40 to eat, it needs to be better than what you have at home, and now as there is so much anecdotal evidence, restaurants have no choice but to be on top of their game. Speaking to waiters, they know exactly where they are in TripAdvisor, with some even asking for reviews if you are complimentary at the end. (I’ve never been a fan of this. It comes across a bit too desperate.)

We, like many, use it a lot to improve the odds of having a great meal, but for a restaurant, it is petrifying as they cannot relax, as they are only as good as their reviews past and present. It keeps the good ones on their toes, and maybe that’s not a bad thing.


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