Nigella’s Chocolate Mousse – It’s Friday :)

This was always going to make an appearance at some point. At home, it is just about my favourites desert, a close contest against the Lemon Posset, but this one does win. It’s a weekend treat though, as it consist of copious amounts of Double Cream and Chocolate 🙂

I don’t know if anyone reading this has ever struggled like me when making a mousse in the traditional way, with raw eggs, separating the yolks and trying to make it with the worry that if you get it wrong with raw eggs, you’re liable to make yourself ill. No worries, with this recipe. You literally melt the chocolate with some marshmallow and fold through with some whisked double cream and you’re sorted maybe with a dash of Vanilla essence. Also, you can choose any chocolate you want, if there’s a particular alcohol that you like with your chocolate or fruit, rum and raisin, or a very popular Baileys and Dark chocolate, you can doctor the recipe to suit.

I also forgot one of the greatest things. You make it in about 10 minutes and it’s ready to eat an hour later. It’s what you might call a Win, Win, Win, Win scenario. Click here to go to Nigella’s website as below for the instructions:

Nigella Mousse

Or if you want to make it along with her, have a look on youtube here. And if you want to posh it up, serve it in a cocktail glass.

Happy Friday 🙂